NEPAL as a developing country, multinational businesses continue to grow rapidly and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SERVICE CENTER (IPSC) meets client demands for protection of intellectual property rights by bringing together attorneys / lawyers that are particularly well suited to offer satisfactory services. All attorneys / lawyers are enrolled with the regulating authority to practice from lower judiciary to the Supreme Court of Nepal. IPSC provided its valued clients from all over the world with a full range of Intellectual Property related services in the area of Patent, Trademark/Servicemark, Design and Copyright.


The Firm has an Integrated Intellectual Property (IP) Practice providing quality legal solutions to clients on all aspects of IP laws. The Firm is widely recognized as one of the premier practices in the Nepalese IP fraternity by both domestic and multinational clients.

The Firm extensively handles matters relating to the filing, prosecution, registration, protection and enforcement of Trade Marks, Patents, Industrial Designs and Copyrights. In addition to traditional and contemporary IP laws, the Firm advises on the Domain Name matters, Infringement of IP rights. The services offered by the FIRM include conducting IP audits to review and analyze the status of the IP assets of clients covering not only the classical IP areas but other important issues such as Know-How, Trade Secrets, Licenses and Confidentiality. The FIRM regularly advises clients on formulating an appropriate IP strategy which includes analyzing the disclosure policies, R & D records and commercial agreements which have a bearing on the exploitation of IP assets. The Firm advises on suitable measures to strengthen the IP portfolios of clients.

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